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Kristen Pue


Kristen Pue is pursuing a PhD in Political Science at the University of Toronto, and is driven by an interest in the intersection between social protection and business – both in terms of the social role played by multinational enterprise and the turn toward ‘philanthrocapitalism’ of charities, development agencies, and non-profits. Her doctoral research examines the role of corporations in global public policy networks (GPPNs) and how this connects to decisions across the supply chain. Additionally, Kristen has three research jobs covering areas connected to global political economy and development: research for the Lupina Foundation Social Innovation Lab on the concept of social innovation; for the University of Toronto Political Science Department on assessments of the Marine Stewardship Council certification program; and for the University of Toronto Faculty of law on trade, law and development. In her spare time Kristen is building pullback.org, an online compendium of information on ethical consumption to help guide Canadian consumers in making principled purchases.

Kristen earned her B.A. (Honours) in Political Science from the University of Alberta in 2012. Following this, she worked as a researcher for the Canadian Centre for Constitutional Studies.

In 2014 Kristen completed her Master of Global Affairs degree at the University of Toronto, during which time she was a SSHRC CGS Masters Scholar and a Research Intern with the Environics Institute. Kristen was also awarded a Lupina Foundation CPHS Social Determinants of Health Master’s Fellowship, for which she studied health in deliberations on the Sustainable Development Goals. Her Master’s Capstone project, which was supervised by the Department of National Defence Assistant Deputy Minister (Policy), considered how Canada could shape discussion on NATO Partnerships Policy at the 2014 NATO Summit. This built upon her experience as an intern at the Joint Delegation of Canada to NATO.

Kristen has also undertaken client-based research in a variety of subject areas. For the Irish non-profit organization Social Entrepreneurs Ireland, Kristen researched the implementation of social impact bonds in Ireland and presented the outcome report in Dublin on 5 June 2014. Kristen also provided research assistance to the MaRS Centre for Impact Investing towards the report of the Canadian National Advisory Board to the G7 Social Impact Investment Taskforce. Finally, she worked as a consultant for the Foundation for Defence of Democracies to research human rights violations in Iran.

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