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Rasa Sarwari


Rasa Sarwari is an undergraduate student in International Development Studies (IDS) at the University of Toronto. His research interests include ethnic conflict, post-conflict development, as well as diaspora and migration.  Aside from his research, he is interested in Middle Eastern policies and politics, as well as collective participation in marginalized communities.

He is a Queen Elizabeth Scholar, and will be conducting a research internship in Ghana in the summer of 2016, to help facilitate the security of small entrepreneurs and foster active participation throughout local economies. He is also a writer for the Centre for a Democratic Iran, and writes in regards to human rights, development, and political affairs.

He has also worked closely in coordination with non-profit organizations such as Heartbeatz, and Toronto Community housing, to facilitate numerous activities and events for low income youth and residents in Scarborough, to support youth development and collective participation in marginalized communities.

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